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Intricate Assembly


Been waiting a year to post this.


Sometimes I wonder if I should stay on aywas. I mean it is one of the best websites I have been apart of and some of the people here are amazing! However, lately I have been feeling a bit ostracized from everything and everyone. I’m not into the teo craze and the chat groups that I am apart of are…

If you’d like to chat with someone who could care less about commissions, you’re welcome to PM me at #45093. I’m in an active Skype chat as well. There are fun people and options out there, don’t leave us. ;-;

Post something witty and/or heart felt, get 1-2 notes. 

Post tits, get 100+ notes. 

Hello!~ ^-^
My blog will focus on GLBT, Pokemon, anime, some funny things, and occasionally music.~~
I very RARELY post NSFW stuff and if I do, it will be tagged as such.
This is a personal blog with my own personal tastes defining it.
I promise to be nice if you send asks.
I post images that I find on Google images which are interesting, unless stated otherwise.

I'm Inuyashagirl521 on Vdex and user #45093 on Aywas~
I'm also Helen in the CG family.

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