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Intricate Assembly


lmao did you even try

That last avatar is amazing.

Having an artist that I love and admire as my personal colorist for awhile is absolutely fantastic. <3

I love you, Arccy. ;-; 

Please make me pretty things. 

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Is there a disadvantage to having a pet genus confused?

I have a Melo that thinks it’s a Gael, a Orbkin that thinks it’s an SCC, and a Phanto that thinks it’s a Chromo. 

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I keep coming across MBCs. ;-;/

I need pretty lairs to breed in. Does anyone have a free or cheap lair that I may breed in? 

Could you post it here if so?

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Just got these back and I absolutely love them. Whoever made these did fantastic. Could I please get the PSD? 

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Hello!~ ^-^
My blog will focus on GLBT, Pokemon, anime, some funny things, and occasionally music.~~
I very RARELY post NSFW stuff and if I do, it will be tagged as such.
This is a personal blog with my own personal tastes defining it.
I promise to be nice if you send asks.
I post images that I find on Google images which are interesting, unless stated otherwise.

I'm Inuyashagirl521 on Vdex and user #45093 on Aywas~
I'm also Helen in the CG family.

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